What are the costs for consultative assistance with a single project?

EdWrite understands that organizational leaders must prioritize the delivery of programs and related services over many other expenses. We work with clients to make our assistance an affordable, feasible, and cost-effective option that will allow for gathering professional and technical input into critical issues and initiatives. Costs vary depending upon the nature and timeframe of the project. Based upon client needs and project demands, fees can be billed at an hourly, daily, or project rate. As much as possible, assistance is provided remotely to reduce costs and expenses associated with travel.

Who are EdWrite clients?

EdWrite clients include start-up schools, single and multi-campus schools, distance education schools, privately owned institutions, and publicly traded institutions. We also work with non-profit organizations and other groups in need of support or guidance in educational-related endeavors.

Does EdWrite work with all accreditation processes?

We have found that our processes and practices are easily transferable and quite successful in dealing with the wide array of possible standards. With six regional accreditors, 50+ national accrediting bodies, and far more specialized accreditors, there are many regulations and standards to remain abreast. We maintain currency with the more visible groups through regular participation in conferences and workshops. While we may not have direct experience with a highly specialized group, we feel certain that we can help clients navigate any process and provide them with the guidance needed.

Can EdWrite assist us remotely?

Nearly all of our services are provided remotely. We are experienced in working with mechanisms and strategies that maximize our contact and communication from a distance. As much as possible, we establish cloud-based sharing practices and participate in web-based conferencing, which allow us to work collaboratively as a team with remote clients.

If you have other questions, contact EdWrite for a specific response.