proposalConsultative and editorial support can significantly improve proposal quality for must-win procurements. Professional writing assistance can provide a proposal with a fresh approach for presenting a proposed framework and solutions.

EdWrite is experienced with writing and tailoring content to ensure compliance with funding guidelines and criteria. We have experience with demanding assignments, such as client projects seeking internal/external approval, as well as highly competitive proposals involving single applicant projects and multi-partner consortia. EdWrite can provide a quick pass-through edit or a more substantive re-organization of the entire narrative.

Examples of our proposal development assistance include the following:

  • Brainstorming with clients to develop projects that respond to proposal expectations.
  • Facilitating the development of project goals, outcomes, and logic models that can form the basis for proposals and ideas.
  • Working from existing documents and materials to develop proposal text and project narratives.
  • Participating in planning meetings in order to develop original text based on information gleaned from discussions.
  • Suggesting revisions to conceptual frameworks and components relative to compliance and consistency with funder goals.
  • Rewriting existing text to form a clear and persuasive proposal.
  • Proofreading grant applications and competitive proposals.
  • Ensuring a proposal presents a style and format that maximizes reader clarity.
  • Comparing related sections of a proposal to check for consistency.
  • Improving sentence construction and organization of text to ensure logical flow and clarity of thought.
  • Assisting with table/chart design.

We can provide professional writing services to strengthen your proposal and increase the chance for success.

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